Consulting and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies / IoT, M2M, Cloud

Digital transformation in a production hall

The transformation of industry to the digital 4.0 model is a major change from the perspective of organizations and processes. Machine to Machine (M2M) communication technologies, the use of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) as well as advanced techniques of information processing are essential factors of digital transformation. Within digital industrial ecosystems, enterprises collaborate with each other as well as with their suppliers and customers. Such changes result in greater efficiency, better quality, and provide customers with growing volumes of information and positive experiences (Customer Experience). 

The effective implementation of solutions and new technologies as a part of Industry 4.0 facilitates logistics, planning, assembly, product development, and services. It also brings tangible benefits from the combination of systems and process automatization.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a concept that is changing the enterprise operational model permanently, both in industry and outside. It introduces a holistic, safe, and centrally managed IT environment in production plants.

It integrates different sales systems (CRM, e-commerce), technological and construction systems (CAD, CAM) as well as production systems (ERP, MES, SCADA, etc.) with physical objects and robots. The complete monitoring of machines, equipment, and production processes will cut reaction time to incidents such as failures considerably and will make the collected and analysed data (Big Data) influence the production process prediction directly.

Industry 4.0 comprises:

IoT are varied electronic devices that are connected to a shared network. Owing to universal communication protocols, they exchange data without the involvement of man. The Internet of Things is among the most interesting and fastest growing branches of technology.
M2M encompasses a broad range of services and communication solutions used to exchange information among machines. Communication services are applied in different types of telemetric systems, wireless monitoring systems, and systems of mobile and stationary device control or just in any devices that exchange data.
This simply means the service of computing powers – servers, warehouses, databases, networks, software, and analysis over the Internet (remotely).
It combines technology, strategy, and resources to improve the experiences of customers in their contacts with a brand. It improves customer satisfaction and commands their loyalty.
The combination of different IT systems, hardware, and software into one coherent whole. As a consequence, it is possible to obtain consistent business data, which directly affects efficient business management, effective information flow, and easy access to collected data. Data gathered and processed in this manner make it possible to analyse data collection more effectively and efficiently with the Big Data method.

Get ready for the Industry 4.0 era

Use all data available in production systems and processes to develop your business in the Industry 4.0 era.
How? We can help you:

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We will develop concepts of the best cloud solutions that you can implement either on your own or using the assistance of experts from Optingo. We will prepare a product that will fulfil the expectations of all customers. This is a major conceptual, technological, and organizational challenge. We know how to handle it.


As a consulting firm we believe that advanced cloud technology enables us to solve most business problems in organizations. However, what would technology be without people? In Optingo, whether we talk about our clients or our personnel, we believe that people are the most valuable assets of our firm and all our actions are people-oriented.


We will consolidate and rebuild your product, marketing, sales, and customer service management processes. The automation of actions and operations will facilitate sales and customer service. We provide access to data in real time, which makes the production planning and resource management more effective.


We are involved in professional implementations of platforms that support the Industry 4.0 concept in every aspect. We provide consulting and select optimum toolkits, which make it possible to fulfil business objectives. Modern and innovative solutions available in a cloud provide greater flexibility and faster implementation of functionalities for business.


Technology partnerships

We are proud to be partners of Oracle, Salesforce, Rootstock Cloud ERP, Amazon Web Services, and Lithium – leading suppliers of technologies that provide comprehensive support for Customer Experience Management (CEM) as well as ERP and SCM. They are best in their class, integrated applications that enable you to beat the competition.