3 questions to ask before embarking on a digital transformation

3 questions to ask before embarking on a digital transformation

Implementinga digital transformation strategy is one of the most pressing challenges for business leaders today. Embarking on a digital transformation process fundamentally changes the way an organization operates, but if you make the attempt, it can pay off immeasurably over many years.

Digital transformation is much more than implementing new software throughout an organization, for technology is only a factor in this transformation.

An even bigger (and some would argue more important part of the process) is the cultural change the company is undergoing at every level – from team structures to a whole new way of thinking about how to use technology to improve workflows.
Some projects may fail. This is especially common for companies with cultures resistant to change. In the end, technology is only as good as the way it is implemented and used. That’s why our teams work hard to help our clients avoid the most common pitfalls of digital transformation. Implementing new technologies and changing mindsets can be really difficult; however, these are the keys to a successful digital transformation with long-term value and impact. We are in constant contact with our customers who are creating and undergoing their own digital transformation journey. Based on these conversations, we came up with three critical questions that every company needs to ask before embarking on a digital transformation of its own.

These are just three questions that come up in conversations with customers about digital transformation. Ensuring that companies have what they need to succeed is key. Source: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2018/08/north-star-report-digital-transformation-research.html

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