Key features of the CRM system dedicated to manufacturing companies

Key features of the CRM system dedicated to manufacturing companies

Probablyno company with a developed organization can imagine functioning without a decent CRM solution. Manufacturers of customer relationship management solutions are looking for more ways to win over new customers. Modern industry CRM systems have been developed for this purpose. In this article, we will describe the most important features of an industry CRM system dedicated to manufacturing companies using Creatio as an example.

Creatio CRM – CRM software for manufacturing companies

The Creatio CRM system has a set of tools for managing sales in manufacturing companies through any channels: direct, e-commerce or field sales. The main functions of this tool also include product catalog management, and order management. With a system configured to meet specific needs, companies in the manufacturing industry can benefit from the automation of key business processes based on modern tools for sales, customer service, marketing, and workflow.

Industry-specific functionality in a CRM system for manufacturing

The choice of a CRM system for manufacturing companies should be based on real benefits. Choose a solution that provides industry-specific functionality and is geared toward manufacturing processes. By selecting bpm’online as a CRM, we have access to:

  • Distribution Management – Functionality to manage customer acquisition and sales processes through: customer data management, needs analysis, sales opportunity management, multiple sales channels, orders and invoices, field sales, sales forecasting.
  • Product management – Regardless of the amount and complexity of product information, everything can be stored in the CRM system. The system provides: a unified product catalog with details, photos and parameters. Ability to easily create kits and composite products with profits, promotional prices and discounts.
  • Support bids and estimates-Easily generate personalized bids and estimates with powerful quote creation tools. Use regular and promotional price lists. Convert quotes to purchase orders and invoices. Review and analyze bidding history.
  • Customer Service Processes – Deliver even more efficient and effective customer service activities at the level of all sales channels. Automate Contact Center operations, register and handle requests from different channels in a single database. Assign people responsible for customer service activities and analyze their effectiveness. Monitor the statuses and turnaround time of requests.
  • Simplify workflows – Eliminate redundant administration from your company and replace it with a single, integrated database geared toward a process approach to completing business tasks. All data and documents are stored and processed by computer.

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