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Optingo is a Certified Consultation Partner of Salesforce in Poland. It provides high standard of services and experienced consultants of

Management of customer relationships in cloud

Cloud application for sale, service, and marketing

What is Salseforce? is an advanced CRM cloud system and a programming platform in one.
Salesforce is also the AppExchange market – a platform with thousands of business applications. It offers complex analytical (Wave Analytics) and artificial intelligence tools (Salesforce Einstein), as well as functionalities in the area of Internet of Things (IoT Cloud).
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Salesforce is for you because:

> It is innovative. It operates in the cloud completely and has surpassed its competition within only a dozen years.

> It facilities easy integration with external systems, which include your favourite social media.

> It does not matter if you are still a small enterprise or a large corporation. All clients use exactly the same system, the same infrastructure, and the same code version, and receive new functionalities at the same time.

> This is the cloud you can trust, and data safety is confirmed with more than a dozen certificates.

YES, this is a tool for you!


Functions and potential of the tool

Do you want to receive a pricelist? Do you find it difficult to estimate the costs of a Salesforce licence? Do you want to know which licenses you should consider and why? Do not overpay - contact us.

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What else can we do for you?

We provide purchase consulting in the area of Salesforce – we will help you select a custom-made scope of modules and functions. We will optimise the costs of subscription and share tricks how to limit fees in the SaaS model.