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Optingo is an exclusive partner of Rootstock for Poland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our experienced team of experts is within your arm’s reach.

Production and logistics in cloud

Follow the changing demand

With a change of technology, your needs will change as well. You need an ERP system that will help you keep in touch with your customers, react quickly to their demands, and manage your business wherever you are.

Rootstock ERP is the only comprehensive ERP cloud solution that encompasses essential areas of an enterprise: production, distribution, and a chain of supplies. It enables producers and distributors to cut costs, improve processes, and raise revenues, while minimising their outlays on IT infrastructure.
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Rootstock Cloud ERP is for you because:

> It is developed on a leading Cloud Salesforce platform and is integrated with Salesforce software as well as numerous other applications available in Ecex AppExchange.

> It has been created for you by experts from the sector – it contains all you need to achieve success in your business.

> In 2016, the Rootstock Cloud ERP solution was granted the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for the leading ERP solution available in the Cloud model.

YES, this tool is for you!


Functions and potential of the tool

Do you want to receive a pricelist? Do you want to know which licenses you should consider and why? Do not overpay - contact us.

We provide purchase consulting in the area of Rootstock Cloud ERP – we will help you select a custom-made scope of modules and functions. We will optimise costs of subscription and share tricks how to limit fees in the SaaS model.

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Do you want to test Rootstock Cloud ERP – contact us! We will give you access to a demo version that will be custom-configured for you, so that you can assess the use of the system in your business.