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Optingo is a Golden Partner of Oracle with expertise in the area of CRM/CX. It is a leading implementation partner of Oracle CX in Poland and the Central European region.

As an Oracle Partner, Optingo holds the title of Cloud Excellence Implementer in the area of CX. 

Optingo is an experienced team of experts, whose competences are confirmed with numerous certificates: 
Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert, Oracle Certified Expert, Siebel CRM 8 Business Analyst, Oracle Fusion CRM 11g Sales Certified Implementation Specialist, Oracle Sales Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials, Oracle Sales Cloud 2016 Implementation Specialist, Oracle Incentive Compensation Cloud 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist, Oracle Sales Cloud Data 2016 Implementation Specialist, Oracle Sales Cloud Security 2016 Implementation Specialist, Oracle Sales Cloud Reporting 2016 Implementation Specialist, Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience 2016 Implementation Specialist.


Oracle CX Cloud Suite solution comprises:

Modern sales in cloud

Follow your customers

Your customers are changing, and your sales should change with them. You need new, fast, and easy-to-operate tools, which will enable efficient work during travels, give you insight into sales, provide collaboration in performing transactions and the dynamic creation of pipelines.

Know more, engage your customer earlier, increase sales and optimise its efficiency, using the complete, innovative, and proven solution of Oracle Sales Cloud.

Functions and potential of Oracle Sales Cloud

Owing to the mobile application, you can prepare for meetings, record discussions, update forecasts, and manage sales opportunities wherever you are, either online or offline. The application is available in all mobile platforms on a phone or tablet.
Increase the efficiency of salespersons with either in cash or non-cash incentive programmes. Analyse their efficiency, scores, and rankings in real time. Manage sales more effectively using built-in models and pre-defined analyses.
Use cockpits that are updated in real time. Analyse different forecast periods and unused opportunities, improve predictability, and adapt forecasts to sales representatives. Act dynamically, react to the needs of your customers, and adjust sales operations to customer reactions. Generate demand in order to execute sales plans effectively.
Oracle Social Network will provide collaboration and coaching to your team in real time and from any place. Monitor changes concerning customers, leads, and prospects. Be online where your customers are. React quickly and provide multi-channel communication.
When connected to Oracle Marketing Cloud, you will be able to create pipelines and synchronise sales opportunities, campaigns, and customer reactions effectively. By using Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud (Oracle CPQ Cloud), you can provide your customers with quotes and give relevant recommendations. Integration with external data sources and ERP systems will make it possible to integrate them into a modern cloud system.
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Oracle Sales Cloud is for you if:

> You are the Chief Sales Officer and wonder if you can always fully use your sales talents. Do you want to make sales forecasts real or do you have a developed ideal sales plan, but are not sure how to implement it?

> You manage the Sales Department and are trying to figure out if sales representatives must be deprived of contact with the Sales Department during frequent business trips. Do you wonder if the demand of customers can be predicted? You don’t know how to carry out an ideal sales plan.

> You work as a sales representative and need useful tools when and where you actually make sales. Do you want to anticipate what your customers will need?

YES, this tool is for you!


Customer service of the highest quality

Fulfil the growing expectations of your customers

Oracle Service Cloud functions and opportunities

Give relevant answers in real time. Give your customers access to a tool that will make the search for and purchase of products easy and fast. Deliver a database of problem solutions and inspirations for using products from any mobile device or desktop. Start Web Customer Service.
Manage customer service effectively by instructing your customers on an on-going basis in how to collect the most important information and create detailed service profiles. Personalise your communication. Use social media to collect customer opinions – get them involved in communication and product improvement. Customers are the best source of knowledge – use it.
Thanks to intelligent contextual search and the combination of different data and content sources, provide your customers with solutions exactly when they need them.
Distribute the company’s policy to the whole organization and beyond. Maintain and keep it compliant with laws and regulations.
Automatize your planning and dispatching of your resources and react to changes quickly. Determine target locations precisely on a map. Act immediately using your mobile device.
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Oracle Service Cloud is for you if:

> You are a Chief Sales Officer and you do not know how to reconcile the demands of your clients and care for quality with business objectives. Do you wonder how to give your agents more time for solving important problems when your customers use self-help? You don’t know how to recognise behaviour patterns in social media and solve service problems before escalation takes place and how to serve persons who continue using both traditional and modern mobile channels at the same time.

> You are a Chief Knowledge Management Officer and you are trying to figure out how to best transfer knowledge to your agents, sales representatives, and customers. Do you want to improve the solution of problems during the initial contact?

> You are the Operational Director and want to manage an effective contact centre, reducing costs while increasing productivity at the same time. Do you wonder what to do to make your local contact and service centre profitable?

> You work as the Marketing Director and continue creating newer methods of lead and profit generation out of present accounts. Do you want to provide online service that will increase a conversion ratio? Do you intend to reinforce customer service using social media?

YES, this tool is for you!


Higher margin and efficiency

Upgrade your sales

Oracle CPQ Cloud (Configure Price and Quote) is a flexible and scalable solution that enables you to register orders placed for products or services and minimise quote generation time.

Shorten the sales cycle and improve the accuracy of data after you receive an enquiry from a customer by creating a quote and fulfilling an order up to the receipt of payment. Make your prices or discounts coherent and control your products and prices accurately.

Oracle CPQ functions and opportunities

Create relevant solutions made of numerous products or services. Recommend products or services that will fulfil needs of your customers best.
Make the rules of pricing and discounting automated and coherent, by being up-to-date with changes in pricing strategies. Enforce compliance with margins and by-laws, procedures, and domestic regulations.
Let your sales representatives generate correct and relevant agreements instantly. Give your customers an option to sign agreements online. Create dynamic forms, content, and libraries.
Convert quotes into orders with a single click. Prevent errors by verifying data correctness in an order according to business rules.
Analyse and report sales and business data in real time. Introduce all details of quotations and orders into an external business intelligence (BI) application and data wholesale.
Accelerate revisions and approvals, with the automatic work flow and history of transactions. Improve conformity and audit controls. Ensure the collaboration on quotes and documents of the Sales, Service, and Engineering departments.
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Oracle CPQ Cloud is for you if:

> You are the Marketing Director and want to lead your customers to products that are best for them with extended search filters and recommendations. You are not sure if all personnel are familiar with the guidelines and agreements on pricing and promotions.

> You are the Sales Director and have no time for verifying quotes, prices, discounts or the compliance with rules, procedures, and regulations. Do you want your sales representatives to spend a greater part of their time on sales? Do you want to analyse sales data faster?

> You work as a sales representative and feel that your sales are lower because of bottle necks that exist in checking and approving quotes and orders. Do you want to sell faster, more, and wherever you are?

YES, this tool is for you!

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