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Our expertise is in cloud solutions.

We in Optingo are positive that in most cases there are ready solutions and applications that address typical business problems – they are often available in the SaaS model. As a result, it is usually not necessary to build IT solutions from scratch. Modern and innovative solutions available from a cloud provide greater flexibility and fast implementation of a functionality for a business.

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Cloud ERP

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Cloud ERP w Polsce – chmura dla produkcji

We are agile

While implementing a project, we will use elements of the Agile methodology:

We implement faster

Our expertise is in implementing solutions in the SaaS model (software-as-a-service). Its obvious advantage is its fast implementation at a low cost, which results from the possibility of using pre-configured business processes and no necessity to purchase, install, or implement software and infrastructure.

At the same time, every system is parametrised and adapted to the specific needs of an enterprise.

Do not waste money at the beginning – pay your SaaS subscription only after the production start of the system.

A decision to use a solution in the SaaS model usually requires an undertaking for a period of 1-3 years, which is generally accepted before the project starts. Optingo offers a unique model to its clients, where a final decision to implement a solution of the CRM/CX class can be taken after the proof-of-concept stage, which is the practical test of a solution in the context of client’s processes.
*This offer applies to selected solutions only.

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