Consulting and implementations in Customer Experience

Knowledge of a customer

The selection of a suitable technology in business allows costs to be limited, increases efficiency, and consequently affects the development and growth of an enterprise – this statement is hard to deny.

Digital transformation and digitalization cannot be carried out in insolation from the holistic view of how each element of a business operates – sales, marketing, customer service, IT department, and finance. The skilful implementation of Customer Experience is the key to your success.
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Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience?

The concept of Customer Experience is the combination of all the experiences of your customer that are associated with your brand.

Customer Experience

Challenge for business

In the face of changing expectations of customers and patterns of shopping behaviour and activity in social media, you need to confront a great challenge in order to make your customers the most attractive offer and provide them with a positive experience.
Customer Experience

Customer experience comprises:

  • Impressions and emotions experienced by a customer in relation to the sales process.
  • Interactions and relationships of a customer with a business or brand.
  • The accumulated experience of customers and opinions about the brand.
  • Experiences and emotions of a customer related to customer service.
  • Customer Journey – all contact points with a business or brand.


Challenges that have to be faced on the way to better Customer Experience

There are three main challenges that hinder the development of better Customer Experience: 

1. Simplification: How to simplify the existing complex IT environment?

2. Innovation: How to implement innovative technologies and solutions (e.g. AI, IoT, Bots) that underlie modern services expected by customers?

3. Speed: How to deliver business results quickly, using the simplified and innovative environment?

The time is always right for building Customer Experience.

Offer your customers a positive experience with your business. How? We can help you:


We will develop concepts of the best cloud solutions that you can implement either on your own or using the assistance of experts from Optingo. We will prepare a product that will fulfil the expectations of all customers. This is a major conceptual, technological, and organizational challenge. We know how to handle it.


As a consulting firm we believe that advanced cloud technology enables us to solve most business problems in organizations. However, what would technology be without people? In Optingo, whether we talk about our customers or our personnel, we believe that people are the most valuable assets of our firm and all our actions are people-oriented.


We will harmonise and rebuild product, marketing, sales, and customer service management processes. The automation of actions and operations will facilitate sales and customer service. We provide access to data in real time, which makes the identification of customer needs more effective and increases the level of their satisfaction.


We implement the Customer Experience platform professionally in every aspect. We provide consulting and select optimum toolkits, which make it possible to fulfil business objectives. Modern and innovative solutions available in the cloud provide greater flexibility and faster implementation of functionalities for business.

Technology partnerships

We are proud to be partners of Salesforce, Creatio (formerly bpm'online), Oracle and Rootstock Cloud ERP – leading suppliers of technologies that provide comprehensive support for Customer Experience Management (CEM) as well as ERP and SCM. They are best in their class, integrated applications that enable to beat the competition.
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